Installing a New Roof

What to Consider When Installing a New Roof

Shingles, tiles, tar, nails … a lot goes into installing a new roof. For most homeowners, a new roof will be a reality at some point, whether you are buying a fixer-upper,... Read more »
metal fabrication

What are the Main Differences Between Metal Fabrication and Welding in Construction?

Did you know that buildings with metal frames began in the late 1700s? If you are trying to learn a little more about metal, you are in the right place. There are... Read more »
home upgrades that add value

5 Seriously Great Home Upgrades That Add Value

Are you looking for ways to improve your home’s appearance while increasing its value? It’s not uncommon for homeowners to look for unique ways to maintain their homes, but the onset of... Read more »
Ways to Boost Your Property’s Value

Home Makeover – 4 Ways to Boost Your Property’s Value

It’s never a bad idea to know how to give your property’s value a boost, especially if you have any plans of giving your home a makeover. Some projects are likely to... Read more »
stake puller

How to Remove a Fence Post: 4 Tips That Can Help

The white picket fence captured life in the American suburbs, especially in the late 1940s. But nowadays, many don’t want fences because they’re expensive and require regular maintenance. Removing fence posts is... Read more »
Miter Saw For Dust Collection

A DIYer’s Guide on How to Use a Circular Saw Safely

Whether you enjoy building furniture for your own home or crafting for others, a circular saw is an absolute must for any DIY enthusiast. A circular saw is typically used to make... Read more »
renting a scissor lift

5 Most Common Reasons to Use a Scissor Lift

Did you know that 5,250 workers suffered fatal work injuries in 2018 in the USA? The majority of these injuries were due to falls from height. Working from a height is one... Read more »
Candler Ewing Excavation LLC

Inground Pool Installation: What To Expect

Are you looking at getting a new inground pool for your home but just aren’t sure what to expect? This isn’t so uncommon. Inground pool installation can be a big deal, changing... Read more »

Creating a Commercial Kitchen in Your Home Is Possible: Here’s How

Whether you’re a professional chef or an avid foodie, having a commercial kitchen at home seems like a wonderful but far fetched dream. But that dream is an attainable reality. Anyone can... Read more »
grab lorry

What Are the Different Types of Construction Waste?

The most overlooked part of any construction project is what will happen to what is left behind. Construction waste management is a challenging task, with several layers of planning needed to successfully... Read more »