Awesome 3D Scanner Uses You Didn’t Know About

3d scanner uses

In less than a decade the 3D scanner market size will more than double. There are not only uses for 3D scanners in every industry, 3D scanning has the potential to completely change how we live, learn, and work. But, …

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Restricting Access to Digital Content

safety lock for Doc

Digital content piracy in music, e-books, training courses and reports is a growing concern for publishers and creators alike. These days, a file can easily be duplicated and disseminated, with virtually no remedy for those struck by the larceny. One …

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Testing High-Voltage Cables Safely: 5 Important Tips

high-voltage cables

Operators testing high-voltage cables put themselves in highly dangerous situations. Consider that a cable is rated high-voltage with +1000 volts of alternating current running through it—that can pose some serious physical injuries to the operator. Minimizing injury from electrical shock …

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Inkjet vs Laser: Which Printer Should You Get?

Inkjet vs Laser

Although there are various types of printers, inkjet and laser options are the most popular. Each printer has its unique pros and cons. As such, they can suit varied needs. Since there is no single best printer that can meet …

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