Personified Elegance: 5 Floral Concepts To Augment Your Wedding Day

Some traditions are etched in the halls of human history, and the use of flowers in weddings is no different. Most brides would never decide their wedding theme without flowers being central to it. Flowers have the aesthetic ability to capture are romantic sentiments, and express them in a succinct way.

Whether its lightly colored roses embellished on bridal gowns or a bouquet of peonies held by bridesmaids, flowers have always formed the foundation of wedding decor and celebration themes. Their glamorous display makes wedding days an unforgettable affair. Here we have 5 ways flowers can amp up your wedding decor.

5 Floral Concepts To Augment Your Wedding Day

Flower Bouquets

The aesthetic ability of flowers to hold onlookers captive increases exponentially when they coalesce together in tidy bouquets. When the big moment arrives and the bride has to walk down the aisle, then the minimalism achieved by a flower bouquet in hands makes them a perfect accessory for every special day.

The choice of bouquet depends on you. Visit the elaborate portfolio of seasoned florists such as the flower delivery west hollywood, to get a feel of different bouquet combinations. If you are looking for a perfect picture with the bridesmaids, then selecting a color-themed bouquet that complements their dresses can also serve as a beautiful visual.

Walkways and Entrance

A romantic wedding day deserves a grand entrance, and to set the tone right, flowers are an integral part of entrance decor. We recommend that you go for simple petal work and etch flower-bunches along the railings of walkways and the entrance stairs. If you are in the mood for something fancy and luxurious, then setting up a rose petal path to guide the guests will be nothing short of a red carpet entrance!

Basic Decor On Seats

With a wide variety of seating options available in the market, you should aspire to stand out. Using flower decor around the seats can get the guests in the mood for the romantic celebration. You can also attach a tiny petal holder to give guests something to toss at the adoring couple when they walk amongst the audience.

Table Centerpieces

It can be a daunting task to select the perfect table assembly for your special day. If you are looking to add dimensions to your table decors then adorning a single high-rising bouquet in the center can get the job done. Get your decor manager to arrange sleek vases that can hold so that you could place different heights of flowers.

Wedding Cake Table Backdrop

When its time to cut the cake by the newlyweds, all cameras must turn to the cake table, but if it has a dull background then your albums might get a little boring. To amplify the decor of your cake table and add a vibrant aspect to it, select a rose wall backdrop. Getting roses will add a summery vibe and increase the warmth of your wedding day.

The Options Are Endless

Flowers are timeless, and their unique aspect of expressing the sentiment of love, happiness, and celebration make them a foundational accessory for every wedding decor. Using the ideas mentioned above, your wedding day will enjoy a royal feel that will make it fit for a prince or princess.