Top 10 Newspapers in Canada

Newspapers are a great asset for human beings as they keep us abreast with the current events around the world. Each country has its own popular newspapers, which are well liked and trusted by the people there and the fact is indicated by their circulation figures. Listed below are the top 10 newspapers in Canada:

1.The Toronto Star

The Toronto Star is the leading daily newspaper in Canada, which is owned by Star Media Group. The newspaper was launched in 1892 under the name of The Evening Star. The publisher of The Toronto Star is John D Cruickshank and its editor is Michael Cooke. It was the highest circulating newspaper in Canada in 2011.

2.The Globe and Mail

The next name in the list of top 10 Canadian newspapers is another Toronto based daily newspaper called The Globe and Mail. Started in 1844, the newspaper is owned by The Globe and Mail Inc. It is the largest circulation national newspaper in the country, in addition to being the second largest daily newspaper. Philip Crawley is the publisher and David Walmsley is the editor of this daily.

3.Le Journal de Montreal

Le Journal de Montreal is a daily tabloid newspaper, which features as the third highest circulating newspaper in Canada. It was launched in 1964 and is owned by Quebecor (Sun Media). Pierre Peladeau is the founder of this highest circulating French newspaper in North America.

4.La Presse Montreal

Another leading newspaper in the country is La Presse Montreal, a Monday-Saturday newspaper in French language. Owned by Power Corporation of Canada, this newspaper dates back to 1884. Andre Pratte is the editor of this newspaper.

5.National Post

National Post is a Toronto based English daily newspaper, which was started in 1998. It is owned by Postmedia Network Inc and Doug Kelly is its publisher, while Stephen Meurice is the Editor in Chief. It is another Monday-Saturday newspaper.

6.The Toronto Sun

Next on the list of top 10 newspapers in Canada comes the name of The Toronto Sun, a daily tabloid owned by Sun Media. It was launched in 1971 and Mike Power is the publisher and Wendy Metcalfe is the editor of this popular English tabloid.

7.The Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver Sun is among the top names in the newspapers of Canada. This Monday to Saturday newspaper was first published in 1912 and is owned by Postmedia Network. Gordon Fisher is the publisher of The Vancouver Sun.

8.The Gazette Montreal

Another popular newspaper in the country is the Montreal based daily called The Gazette, which is owned by Postmedia Network. It is the only English daily published in Montreal and dates back to 1778. Lucinda Chodan is the Editor in Chief of The Gazette.

9.Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa Citizen is an English language daily published from the capital city of Ottawa. This one too is owned by Postmedia Network. Gerry Nott is the publisher and Andrew Potter is the editor of this well loved daily, which was first printed in 1845.

10.The Province Vancouver

The Province is a leading tabloid newspaper in the country and also the best selling in British Columbia. It was stated in 1898 and is also owned by Postmedia Network. The editor of the Province is Wayne Moriarty.

Some other popular Canadian newspapers include names like The Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Winnipeg Free Press, Le Journal de Quebec and The Chronicle Herald, Halifax.

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