How to Order Food Online in India?

Ordering food online is convenient and time-saving. It’s the best remedy for people who get too busy to eat or don’t like to cook much. If you are one of them, then you must learn about how to order food online in India so that you can satiate your hunger on a daily basis. Ordering food online is a simple process. Here are the six simple steps that will help you.

  1. Search: You should first explore the restaurants that deliver in your locality by going online and visiting websites like Tiny Owl. It will locate your exact address and tell you about all the delicious food options that can be delivered to you from various restaurants within a few minutes.
  2. Seek what you want: After you have gotten the list of restaurants, websites like Foodpanda could also allow you to sort them by their ratings, popularity, fastest delivery, minimum order value and delivery fee. You can also be specific and look for restaurants that allow you to pre-order, offer deals, provide night delivery, serve only pure vegetarian foods and have a safe online payment gateway.
  3. Use the website or the app: If you don’t want much variety and you know that which food outlet you prefer then you can skip the above two steps and directly visit the website of the food service or download its app on your phone. In some cases, downloading the app is smarter as sites like Pizza Hut allow you to get 25% off if you order from an app as they wish to boost their app usage.
  4. Register and order: No matter which of the method you use, directly visiting the food provider or taking help from food delivery companies, you must register on their website. They will generally ask for your name, mobile number e-mail and your address only. After registration, you must choose the exact amount of food you want by selecting each item and its quantity one by one.
  5. Apply Codes: If you are using any codes or deals that will save you money, you should input it before making the payment. For example: If it’s Monday and you are using 20% off on the food as a part of the Magic Monday promotion of Dominos, you must add its code before making the payment.
  6. Pay Up: Lastly, you should pay up for the food online by using your credit card, debit card, online banking or other methods like Paytm credits (The payment methods offered by every food provider are different). You should also make sure that you know about the additional charges, like McDonalds charges additional Rs. 25 for delivery, to avoid any confusion when the order arrives. If you are not comfortable with making online payments, some food providers may also allow you to pay cash on delivery.

That’s it, people, follow these six steps and start enjoying fresh food deliveries after a few clicks or a few taps on the phone.

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