69th Berlin International Film Festival

The Berlin International Film Festival is also known as the Berlinale falls every year. The film festival has been held in every February month of a year. Though the Berlin film festival started in the year 1951, it was 1978 where the time period of conducting the film festival decided as February.

In 2019, the 69th Berlin International Film Festival kicked off from 07th of February and planned to conclude by 17th of February 2019.

History of the Berlin International Film Festival

Berlin Film Festival, Berlinale is one among the world’s “Big Three Film Festival”. Here the Big Three festival marks the Venice Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival. The first ever Berlin film festival, Berlinale was inaugurated at West Berlin in 1951. The main intention of the starting the Berlinale is to “showcase of the free world” during the cold war held in 1951.

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For each year of Berlinale festival, around 300,000 tickets sold with the admission entry numbers go around 500,000. For the records, this Berlinale is the biggest and largest when it comes to public attendance on any other annually conducted film festival.

The first ever Berlinale held in 1951 and Dr. Alferd Bauer has appointed as the first-ever director. In fact, the position held by Mr. Alfred Bauer until 1976. In 1976, Bauer lost his position to film Journalist Wolf Donner. After which from 1977, the conducting period of Berlinale festival shifted from summer season to February.

69th Berlin International Film Festival

Just, as usual, the 69th Berlinale kicked off on 07 of February 19 and planned to hold for continuously 11 days. These days are the most important events that need to mark down in the annual calendar by the people in the film industry.

Festival Program

Just like every, the 69th Berlinale film festival includes around 400 films under a variety of genres, lengths, and formats. In addition, the international film festival consists of various sections and special presentations for artists all over the world.

Opening Film of Berlinale 2019

The Lone Scherfig’s film “The Kindness of Strangers” featured as the opening film for this 69th Berlin International Film Festival.

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For this year, around 23 feature films are in the competition. In fact, out of those 23 films, 17 films were competing for the awards Golden Bear and Silver Bears.

Matthijs Wouter Knol who is the current European Film Market Director inaugurates the Indian films in the 2019 69th Berlin International Film Festival.

Festival Dates and Deadlines

Festival Dates and Deadlines

Juries for 69th Berlin International Film Festival

Here are the lists of Juries for the main competition for the Berlinale Festival

  • Juliette Binoche (Jury President), French Actress
  • Justin Chang, American Film Critic
  • Sandra Hüller, German Actress
  • Sebastián Lelio, Chilean-Argentine Film Director
  • Rajendra Roy, American Curator
  • Trudie Styler, British Actress, Producer, and Film Director

Heads & Selection Committees 2019

Berlin Film Festival 2019: Top Picks from This year Event

Here are the lists of important picks of films which listed in this 69th Berlin International Film Festival

  • By The Grace Of God (France)
  • Ghost Town Anthology (Canada)
  • The Golden Glove (Germany – France)
  • One Second (China)
  • All My Loving (Germany)
  • System Crasher (Germany)
  • Berlin, I Love You’ (Germany)
  • Flatland (South Africa-Germany)
  • Flesh Out (Italy)
  • Light Of My Life (US)
  • Öndög (Mongolia)
  • MR Jones (Holland)
  • The Kindness Of Strangers (US)
  • Goldie (Dutch)

All the above-listed movies are highly expected by the movie lovers to witness the featuring of them in this 69th Berlin International Film Festival. Well, here come the film reviews of the 3 films which drive attention worldwide.

Berlin Film Review: ‘System Crasher’ (Systemsprenger)

System Crasher also knew as Systemsprenger is a German-based Feature film written and directed by Nora Figngscheidt.

  • Film Cast: Helena Zengel, Albrecht Schuch, Gabriela Maria Schmeide, and many more
  • Film Plot: Film mainly focuses on the psychotic episodes of a 9-year-old child who disparate and has one single goal of reaching her mom. The film also focuses on the failure of the child welfare system on controlling out-of-control children.
  • Credit: The way the entire movie took away was purely exceptional and holds no-bar in the actors’ performance.

Film Review: ‘Berlin, I Love You’

The USA based FilmBerlin, I Love You’ is a Dramatic Love story written by Fernando Eimbcke and Justin Franklin, directed by Dianna Agron and Peter Chelsom.

  • Film Cast: Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Luke Wilson, and many more
  • Film Plot: It is the latest episode of the Cities of the Love Series. In simple words, it can be mention as the collection of 10 different romantic stories and finally leads towards the capital of Germany, Berlin.
  • Credit: The entire movie doesn’t showcase the city, so leaving that movie can give the feel of could be filmed anywhere. However, two sequences of the movie found be explore the city.

Berlin Film Review: ‘Öndög’

It is a Mongolian drama film written and directed by Quan’an Wang. The entire story revolves around the mysterious murder and steps further about revealing the mystery behind the murder.

  • Film Cast: Dulamjav Enkhtaivan, Aorigeletu, Norovsambuu Batmunkh, Gangtemuer Arild, and many more
  • Film Plot: The Film Ondog showcase the incidents followed by the murder incident that happens the large area of unforested grassland of Magnolia. A domestic worker, more likely an animal caretaker was asked to guard the crime scene, meanwhile the herder afraid of few circumstances and reveals own plan to get free.
  • Credit: Though, the movie starts with the title card of “Based on True Stories” there’s no such necessary to implement such card as the entire sequence of the films go silk and smooth dramatic manner.

The 69th Berlin International film festival would be the perfect platform for the young and aspiring talents to showcase their filming ability on stage.

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To know more about the film festivals and the events taken and going to take place in the remaining days of the fest, visit the official website https://www.berlinale.de/.