5 Best Hotels in Toronto – Best to Stay During Your Trip

Toronto is the most popular city in Canada, and it is the provincial capital of Ontario. People always love to visit here and enjoy the remarkable places of Toronto. There are many places to visit in Toronto, Ontario like CN Tower, which is the major tourist attraction point in Toronto,

List of Best Medical Schools in Canada

Canada has reserved its place in worlds best tourist place, but it is also reserved top positions in the medical education and other academics as well. According to an article published in Top Universities, four Canadian Medical Universities featured in the top 50 best medical universities in the world. In

5 Best Canadian Airlines to Travel

Who the hell don’t love travelling? Especially when it comes to Canada. Canada is a hub of tourism. There are many places to visit in Canada like Banff National Park, Niagara Falls, CN Tower and more. Canada is not only popular for its tourist places but it also for its

10 Amazing Islands not to miss in Canada

Canada is a country which abounds in natural attractions, which is why it entices thousands of tourists every year. It is a place which invites people who want to relax as well those who love adventure because there are options galore in this naturally beautiful and culturally rich country. The

Top 10 Places in Canada to go on Christmas

Christmas in Canada stands for wonderful festive chill, complete with lots and lots of snow, making it a beautiful experience called “White Christmas”. The freezing cold weather can do nothing to dampen the holiday spirit of the Canadians and the festival is celebrated with great cheer and warmth in towns

Top 10 Places in Canada to go on New Year 2015

New Year in Canada is snowy and spending the New Year in extremely cold weather is a great experience. Since you have decided to spend your time in Canada this New Year 2015, we are going to provide you a list of 10 awesome destinations that you will remember for

Top 10 Newspapers in Canada

Newspapers are a great asset for human beings as they keep us abreast with the current events around the world. Each country has its own popular newspapers, which are well liked and trusted by the people there and the fact is indicated by their circulation figures. Listed below are the

Top 10 Nursing Schools in Canada

Nursing is considered as one of the most lucrative professions in Canada, with students from all over the country and the world vying for admission to some of the best nursing schools in the country. These schools provide top end education in this field, in addition to experience so that